Grand Scrutator Severius vs. Dominar Morghoul & Escorts

We played a 50 point game, with the Breakdown scenario from Steamroller 2017.


Protectorate of Menoth

Theme: Guardians of the Temple
2 / 2 Free Cards     50 / 50 Army

Grand Scrutator Severius - WJ: +28
-    Blessing of Vengeance - PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 13)
-    Indictor - PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)
-    Repenter - PC: 8

Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero - PC: 0
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance - PC: 0

Daughters of the Flame - Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
Flame Bringers - Leader & 4 Grunts: 17
Temple Flameguard - Leader & 9 Grunts: 11
-    Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard - Officer & Standard: 4


Theme: No Theme Selected
50 / 50 Army

Dominar Morghoul & Escorts - WB: +25
-    Dominar Morghoul & Escorts (Cont.)
-    Aptimus Marketh - PC: 5
-    Cyclops Raider - PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
-    Despoiler - PC: 19 (Battlegroup Points Used: 16)
-    Cyclops Savage - PC: 7

Extoller Soulward - PC: 3

Nihilators - Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
Praetorian Swordsmen - Leader & 9 Grunts: 13
-    Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard - Officer & Standard: 4



Daughters of the Flame are set to the side for Ambush.

Round 1 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 1

Everything runs forward. Pyrrhus makes sure to have three Flameguard base to base for his invulnerability. Severius casts Defenders Ward on the Indictor.

Round 1 – Skorne

End of Skorne Turn 1

My first game with Morghoul3. Everything ran forward. Morghoul put Mirage on the Nihilators and Occultation on the Praetorian Swordsmen.

Round 2 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 2

Daughters ambush this turn. They lined up for a charge at the Nihilators. The Flame Bringers charged the back ranks of the Swordsmen in an attempt to impact attack a extra Swordsman on the way in. This works for two of the models. They then reposition backwards away from the Swordsmen. The Blessing of Vengeance ran forward behind the house ready for next turn.

The Daughters charged the Nihilators killing 4 models. Pyrrhus charged the Nihilators as well, taking down two. The Temple Flameguard charged to finish them out and killed another 2. The Indictor and Repenter run forward to be ready for next turn. Seveirus can’t hang around in the back any longer so he ran forward to get behind the Indictor, making sure to have it complete block line of sight to the Raider. (Nicia is forgotten behind the house.)

Round 2 – Skorne

End of Skorne Turn 2

Aptimus Marketh cast Night’s Reflection on the Flameguard, blinding them. Morghoul moved up and cast Night’s Reflection on the Flame Bringers, blinding them as well. He feated, giving all warrior models Overtake, Parry, and Acrobatics. One of the two remaining Nihilators shredded the Flameguard being stopped by Pyrrhus. The other was stopped at the first Daughter. The Swordsmen do their mini feat and kill all of the Flame Bringers, they are significantly easier to kill with Night’s Reflection on them.

The Raider aimed at Nicia, but misses. The Despoiler killed Pyrrhus. The Savage got closer for next turn.

Round 3 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 3

That did a lot more damage than I expected, Morghoul3 is pretty cool. The Indictor gets two focus to start things off. The Blessing aligned himself exactly so he was 8″ away from an Escort and killed a Swordsman in range. Severius went next, feated and arced Ashes to Ashes at the Escort through Blessing. The Escort dies and Morghoul took 4 damage, just enough to not be worth the transfer.

The Indictor charged the Despoiler and destroyed it. The Repenter walked to shoot its flame spray at Morghoul, doing another 3 or 4 damage. Nicia walked around the wall and through the Repenter to get two hits on Morghoul, missing the second but doing enough to cause a transfer to the Raider.

The Daughters charged the Raider easily taking it down, even with out Anatomical Precision. The lone Flameguard managed to kill the Nihilator near by.

Round 3 – Skorne

End of Skorne Turn 3

Losing both the Despoiler and the Raider on the last turn really hurt my chances for a win, especially with the Daughters staring down Morghoul. Morghoul activated and charged the Repenter with his remaining Escort. After being blinded by the Escort, the Repenter is easily taken down by Morghoul. The Raider moves up to try and protect Morghoul somewhat.

My real last chance at a win was an assassination. The Extoller Soulward takes aim through the building and hits Severius. Unfortunately, the boosted damage roll barely touches him. Only one Swordsman is able to get a charge on Severius and likewise does not do much damage.

Round 4 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 4

The Indictor got two focus allocated to it and Defenders Ward is upkept. It then stepped forward and killed the Cyclops Savage clearing a path for the Daughters and removing the last transfer target. The Daughters charged Morghoul and killed him on the second Daughter’s charge attack.


Ambushing Daughters of the Flame at 50 points is very nice. The Flame Bringers worked well too, but I’m still learning how to use them.

Morghoul3 is definitely a blast to play. It was a really fun game with interesting and exciting tricks on both sides of the table.

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