Battle Report #16 – Grand Scrutator Severius vs. Master Tormentor Morghoul

We played a 50 point game, with the Linebreaker scenario from Steamroller 2016. This was a practice match for the tournament we’ll be participating this weekend at Origins.



Theme: The Creator's Might
2 / 2 Free Cards     50 / 50 Army

Grand Scrutator Severius - WJ: +28
-    Hierophant - PC: 0
-    Blessing of Vengeance - PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 13)
-    Crusader - PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 10)
-    Indictor - PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 5)
-    Reckoner - PC: 16
-    Dervish - PC: 7

Vassal of Menoth - PC: 0
Vassal Mechanik - PC: 1
Vassal Mechanik - PC: 1

Choir of Menoth - Leader & 5 Grunts: 6
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard - Rhoven, Gius & Cassian: 9


Theme: Winds of Death
1 / 1 Free Cards     50 / 50 Army

Master Tormentor Morghoul - WB: +30
-    Cyclops Raider - PC: 9 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)
-    Agonizer - PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)
-    Titan Gladiator - PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)
-    Titan Sentry - PC: 15

Extoller Soulward - PC: 3
Mortitheurge Willbreaker - PC: 0

Venator Reivers - Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
-    Venator Reiver Officer & Standard - Officer & Standard: 4
Venator Slingers - Leader & 5 Grunts: 8
Paingiver Beast Handlers - Leader & 3 Grunts: 5


The Indictor has Defenders Ward and the Crusader has Vision. The wall for Winds of Death is by the Skorne objective.

Round 1 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 1
All of the ‘jacks ran forward. The Choir were poorly positioned so only one ‘jack gets Passage.

Round 1 – Skorne

End of Skorne Turn 1
Warbeasts ran forward. The Slingers walked up and shot at Blessing of Vengeance, doing 1/3 damage or so. The Reivers get a single shot at the Reckoner.

Round 2 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 2
The Choir activated this time able to give all of the ‘jacks Passage. The Indictor ran forward. The Dervish ran up behind it. The Reckoner walked forward and shot at the objective. Blessing of Vengeance got into position for Severius to sling spells through it. The Crusader ran up behind the forest for an assault next turn.

Rhoven & Co pushed Severius Fortress forward. The Hierophant used Harmonious Exaltation on Severius. Severius cast Ashes to Ashes twice, rolling 1 each time for the extra models damaged. The Mechaniks ran around the board for a hopefully good position in the next round.

Round 2 – Skorne

End of Skorne Turn 2
The Extoller Soulward gave the Reivers magical shooting. Then they shot at the Reckoner taking the gun offline. The Agonizer ran after using Gnawing Pain. Morghoul walked up, feated, and gave the Gladiator Admonition. The Raider gets a good shot in on the Blessing of Vengeance. The Gladiator charged the Blessing of Vengeance killing it. The Reivers received Flesh Hardening from the Mortitheurge Willbreaker.

Round 3 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 3
The Choir sang for Battle on all of the ‘jacks outside of the Crusader. Rhoven & Co charge the Gladiator which used Admonition to scurry away. Severius counter feats to allow some of the ‘jacks to still use focus. He cast Ashes to Ashes twice again getting only 1 extra model each time. He is not good at that spell this game. The Mechanik on the left repaired the Reckoner’s gun.

The Crusader walked forward and did a small amount of damage to the Gladiator. The Indictor took out a single Reiver with both of it’s initial attacks because it toughed. This opens a slot for the Reckoner to get a shot in at Morghoul. It hits and is shield guarded by the Sentry. The Dervish stepped around and knocked some Reivers over because they toughed.

Round 3 – Skorne

End of Skorne Turn 3
Morghoul went first getting in range of the Gladiators possible new spot after a slam, (with only 6″ control area now.) The Agonizer used Gnawing Pain. The Sentry charged the Indictor but did not do enough damage because of Defenders Ward. The Gladiator slammed the Crusader, which used Vision for the damage. Visgoth Rhoven is caught in the slam and slain. Gius and Cassian are also slain by the Gladiator. The Extoller Soulward kills the Mechanik with it’s gun.

Round 4 – Menoth

End of Menoth Turn 4
The clock is getting low so this needs to be a fast turn. The Crusader got two Focus and the Indictor got one from Severius. The Crusader shook the knockdown. The Choir sang for Battle. The Hierophant used Harmonious Exaltation on Severius. The Crusader successfully defeated the Gladiator with straight dice on the Inferno Mace.

The Vassal used Empower on the Indictor to give it it’s last focus. The Indictor went next getting the Sentry pretty far down on health. With it’s gun gone the Reckoner stepped up to get the Reckoner down to it’s last 2 health. I was really hoping the Reckoner would finish it so the Dervish could go for Morghoul, instead the Dervish combo strikes the Sentry finishing it off with exactly the damage required.

Round 4 – Skorne

Missed a final picture for this turn. Morghoul went for a last ditch effort with only a minute left on the clock and walked up past the Crusader to get around and side step kill the Hierophant and the Objective to get to Severius. The plan was about half way through when the clock hit 0:00.


Defenders Ward and Vision are great spells. Defenders Ward definitely extended the life of the Indictor and Vision left the Crusader at full health up until the end. This list does pretty well into shooting armies, I had poor position early on in the game with the Choir so the Blessing of Vengeance was easily shot to death.

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